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Sam and Dan and Short Circuit

In this, the second episode of Sam and Dan and, we talk about the best (worst) movie of 1986, Short Circuit! Join us as we talk about how terrible Steve Guttenberg is, and how charming a robot has to be for Ally Sheedy to maybe make-out with it.

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Sam And Dan And Short Circuit

Strongly Connected Components Episode 35: Tom Henderson


Samuel Hansen was joined on today’s episode by a guest he has long been trying to reach, the math punk himself Tom Henderson. During there conversation they talking about the Punk Mathematics Interview, how mathematics is used as control, in what ways students are game theory geniuses, and the performative aspects of mathematics. To find out more about Tom Henderson and punk mathematics make sure to follow him on twitter and to pay close attention to the Punk Mathematics website.

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SCC 35: Tom Henderson
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Combinations and Permutations Episode 64: Why, Just Why?

On today’s episode of Combinations and Permutations your host Samuel Hansen poses the question of why mathematics to his guests Sean Breckling and Brandon Metz. He kind of sort of gets an answer, and then it all devloves into a debate on mathematical communication. Here we go.

The Original Why Math Discussion on Math/Maths with Ruby Childs

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Episode 64: Why, Just Why?

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Strongly Connected Components Episode 34:Math/Maths History Teaser

Sorry everyone, but this past week Samuel Hansen was on vacation and was not able to record a new interview. This would normally mean no audio for you, but he has been putting together a series of videos about the Mathematical History of Nottingham that he recorded while there last November. What you will hear on today’s podcast is a teaser from those videos. Hope you like it. Also go watch the videos(Or Watch them below the download link)

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SCC 34: Math/Maths History Teaser
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Strongly Connected Components Episode 33: Steven Rudich Part II


On today’s podcast is the second part of an interview that your host Samuel Hansen conducted with Carnegie Mellon professor Steven Rudich. In this part of their discussion Professor Rudich discusses the techniques he believes make up a great technical lecture and the wonderful summer program he runs to teach high schoolers in the Pittsburgh area about Computer Science, Andrew’s Leap. To find out more about Professor Rudich please visit his website and do not forget to check out Andrew’s Leap.

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