Combinations and Permutations Episode 68: Brachistroni and Cheese

On this episode of Combinations and Permutations Samuel Hansen is joined by Cody Palmer and Christopher Bates for a rather lively discussion of Conics, Koch, Roses, Spirals, the Witch of Agnesi, and brachistroni and cheese. In other words they talked about curves.

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Topics Covered:

Conic Sections
Koch Curve
Witch of Agnesi
Rose Curve
Backward Bending Supply Curve of Labor

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  1. George says:

    Was listening to this this podcast and in your discussion of catenary curves, you made a slight mistake. When the cables of a suspension bridge are first strung, they form a catenary. However, once the cables support the load of the bridge, the cables are deformed from a catenary to a parabola.

    So, for the Golden Gate Bridge, the cables form a parabola. This is true for most Suspension bridges.

    • samuel says:

      Thanks for the correction, I will do my best to mention it in the next podcast. We do try our best, but it rather often is really not that good in the end.

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