Strongly Connected Components Episode 36: Doron Zeilberger


On this episode Samuel Hansen speaks with Professor Doron Zeilberger from Rutgers University. During a wide ranging conversation they talk about why everything is discrete, the importance of experimental mathematics, a divide and conquer approach to automatic theorem proving, the meaning of the word know, and the disjoint union issue that is plaguing mathematics. To find out more about Professor Zeilberger, or to watch some of his amazing talks, make sure to head on over to his website and while you are there check out his many opinions as well.

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  1. Abigail says:

    i need to understand this part …the biggest number if you keep counting you will get back to cero…some genius can explain me pleaaaseeee…

    • samuel says:

      You can get the podcast from here I had to change the hosting so the old dl links are down. You can still find them all by subscribing through the RSS or iTunes links on the right hand sidebar of the site.

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