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SSS Fight 13: Stigler’s Law


“Eponymy in science is the practice of affixing the names of scientists to what they have discovered or are believed to have discovered,’ as with Boyle’s Law, Halley’s comet, Fourier’s transform, Planck’s constant, the Rorschach test, the Gini coefficient, and the Thomas theorem”
–Richard K Merton, “The Thomas Theorem and The Matthew Effect”

There are a lot of scientific theories and discoveries that are named after the scientists that found them, too bad a lot of them did not deserve it.

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SSS Fight 11: Marconi Vs. Maskelyne


While most people know about the massive fight over the patents concerning the invention of radio that Gugliemo Marconi found himself embroiled in, that fight was not the most interesting one in which he participated. Instead the fight that this episode of Science Sparring Society concerns itself with involves wireless telegraphy, its security, and the first guy doing it for the lulz.
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SCC 49: Dana Mackenzie

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On today’s episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen rings up the recipient of the 2012 Joint Policy Board for Mathematics Communications Award, Dana Mackenzie. He speaks with the author about stealth mathematics, the generalism he has been allowed by journalism, and why using equations in your articles and books may not be such a bad thing. You can find out more about Dana Mackenzie by visiting his website, and be sure to check out his new book, out this year on Princeton University Press, The Universe in Zero Words.

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ACMEScience News Now: Episode 1: Paul Hines


Welcome to ACMEScience News Now, your source for news about science and mathematics research, as well as the researchers behind it. On the first episode Samuel Hansen is joined by Paul Hines of the University of Vermont for a discussion of his research into using crowdsourcing to not only answer scientific questions, but also to help determine what those questions should be.

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SSS Fight 6: Edward Drinker Cope Vs. Othniel Charles Marsh


A story of two men with epic names, dinosaurs, dynamite, and science. Oh, and a little scientific battle called the BONE WARS


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