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Episode 59: Erica Klarreich

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On this episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen talks to mathematics writer Erica Klarreich. They discuss why she had no choice but to go into mathematics because of her family, what triggered her to move from research into journalism, and how she tries to leave her readers with a small sense of doing some of the mathematics she writes about. Be sure to check out her many many great articles and to follow her on twitter.

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SCC 49: Dana Mackenzie

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On today’s episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen rings up the recipient of the 2012 Joint Policy Board for Mathematics Communications Award, Dana Mackenzie. He speaks with the author about stealth mathematics, the generalism he has been allowed by journalism, and why using equations in your articles and books may not be such a bad thing. You can find out more about Dana Mackenzie by visiting his website, and be sure to check out his new book, out this year on Princeton University Press, The Universe in Zero Words.

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