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MathFest 2010: Day -1

I sit here in my cheap motel room, about 25 minutes drive from the wondrous MathFest festivities that begin tomorrow at 9 am, listening to Canadian rapper K-OS and avoiding running through tomorrow’s presentation. Math conferences for me are a rather mixed bag, they bring together two of my favorite things(mathematics and people) but in a rather surprising turn I am not actually that good at just randomly approaching people to talk even if I know for a fact that we will have something to talk about. This all causes me to sit around and watch people with earphones in my ears as a sign that I am really that anti-social. As one of my plans for MathFest 2010 is to put together a long form audio documentary featuring off-the-cuff interviews with random attendees I will have to take a step out of my typical shell, since I am going to be talking about how headphones represent a major problems for people trying to mathematical outreach during my Podcast Talk tomorrow I guess this is some sort of karmic payback, and just talk to people I do not already know. What this really means is that if any of you wonderful people who read this words see an excessively tall young man with shaggy hair and a bow tie walking around aimlessly tomorrow, say hello(really please say hello I would love to speak with you).
Besides pathetic pleas to talk to me I do feel that I should mention that tomorrow at 3:45 in Sky I will be giving my presentation Auditory Mathematics: Podcasting as Mathematical Research. It is a quite quick, 10 minutes, into why I feel podcasting is a very important tool in the kit of all of us who are trying to make mathematics more popular and some very basic information and tips for those of you that I can convince to join me over here on the dark side where mathematical podcasting rules. Hope to see you there, or anywhere, tomorrow.