Relatively Prime Episode 1: The Toolbox

The first episode of Relatively Prime is now up!!!!

The mathematics that we all learn in school is great. No, really, it is. How can anyone get through life without knowing how to add or subtract. Multiply or divide. Solve for an unknown or factor a polynomial. OK, you might be able to get through life without that last one, but the point still stands, the mathematics that we all learn in school is great.  It isn’t everything though. There are a lot of other tools that mathematics has to offer that could enrich people’s lives. On this episode Samuel Hansen rummages through his mathematical tool box and showcases three tools he feel are going to be very important in the coming years.

Listen to the Episode

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    • samuel says:

      Sadly, David only appears for 1 more minute at the very end of the last show in the series. I do agree though, he is pretty great.

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