Day 1 of JMM 2012

Well, actually the second day as I got to Boston a day late. I am now sitting in the press room of the Hynes Convention Center in The Copley area of Boston getting myself ready for a long day of interviews. I actually have already conducted my first interview of this year’s JMM, with Steven Brams of NYU, and I have another planned for later today as well. The conference is as huge as ever, according to the MAA twitter feed there are already 6800 registered participants, and as intimidating as ever too. I have run into a couple of old SCC guests already and expect to see more, and hope to meet some ACMEScience fans too. If anyone who is at the JMM happens to read this and wants to have a coffee make sure to send me a message at @acmescience. I will write more updates of the conference as I have them.

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