Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain The Kickstarter

ONLY 20 DAYS LEFT!!!! is very proud to present its first Kickstarter Project-Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain. From the project description:

Relatively Prime will be an 8 episode audio podcast featuring stories from the world of mathematics. Tackling questions like: is it true that you are only 7 seven handshakes from the President, what exactly is a micromort, and how did 39 people commenting on a blog manage to prove a deep theorem. Relatively Prime will feature interviews with leaders of mathematics, as well as the unsung foot soldiers that push the mathematical machine forward. With each episode structured around topics such as: The Shape of Things, Risk, and Calculus Wars, Relatively Prime will illuminate each area by delving into the history, applications, and people that underlie the subject that is the foundation of all science.

I think this could really be an amazing project, but it can only happen with your support. So please, if you can, support it financially, or please twitter, tumblr, reddit, blog, or any other thing about it(You cab use the nice link The more people that know the better the chance that Relatively Prime will happen. I also made this video to explain just what this project is about and why you should support it:

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