Combinations and Permutations Episode 65: We Made them Play Telephone

Back from a Thesis related podcast vacation Samuel Hansen hosts a podcast talking about talking about talking about math, with special guests Brandon Metz, Sean Breckling, and Jenni Whitmer.

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Talk Dos:
Use Multiple Communication Methods
Think of Your Audience
Be Well Prepared and Coiffed
Be Passionate
Maintain Eye Contact

Talk Don’ts:
Talk too fast
Act as if Audience is not there
Go Overtime
Read from Slides/Paper
Too Many Slides
Assume Too Much/Little Knowledge
Talk Quietly
Do Not Prepare
Bad Clothes/Combing


  1. Theorom: ‘maths’ is correct. ‘math’ is just wrong.

    Proof: It’s short for ‘mathematics’. No-one says ‘mathematic’. QED

    This is purely based on logic. It’s entirely coincidental that I’m British.

    • samuel says:

      I have discussed this with many people from Britain, and while I know that all of you are wrong it really comes down to truncation vs. contraction. I am a truncater, because math sounds so much better than maths. Having a th sound followed by an ess sound is odd where a c followed by an ess sound is pleasing, hence mathematics and math. Also, USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA!

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