Combinations and Permutations Episode 59: The Brute Force Method

Samuel Hansen was joined by Brandon Metz, Cody Palmer, Kevin Benton, and Juan Mariscal to have a discussion about effective methods described with well-defined instructions; yes they talked about Algorithms. Before they talked algorithms though they had a discussion about the contents of the first Combinations and Permutations book, a project suggested by @faircall, the book will ahve the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Newton was an Asshole
Chapter 2: Fuck Complex
Chapter 3: Hairy Balls
Chapter 4: Assume Not(Alternative Proof Methods)
Chapter 5: Table of Contents/Index
Chapter 6: Autobiography of Samuel Hansen
Chapter 7: Cody’s Biography of Samuel Hansen
Chapter 8: Brandon’s Biography of Samuel Hansen
Chapter 9: Juan’s Biography of Samuel Hansen
Chapter 10: Kevin’s Biography of Samuel Hansen
Hope you enjoy the book!

Topics Discussed:

Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī
List of Algorithms

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