MathFest 2010: Day 2

9:03 PM

The last day of a conference is always a funny thing, people are still having to give talks(myself included) but most people are just getting easy to go and saying their goodbyes to their old friends and getting the contact informations from their new friends. My day started with Bob Devaney’s third talk, followed by my interview with him which you should very much be looking forward to by the way. Then after a short lunch I went up to the conference level of the Omni William Penn Hotel to the Phipps room where the Expository talks for undergraduates by Graduate students session was to take place, and where 3 and a half hours from then I was to give my Graph Theory talk. Most of the talks were really fantastic and I even won a bottle of bubbles for being the tallest person in the room. My talk seemed to go over decently well, I was happy enough with it even if I did get a bit nervous and skip over a couple of definitions that I really should have included. Then after one more talk it was all over, another conference over. Until the next one.

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