Combinations and Permutations Episode 50: THE GAME SHOW!

May I present to you The Combinations and Permutations Game Show with your Host Samuel Hansen and contestants Leigh-Anne Duncan, Christopher Bates, Eric Everstine, Anthony Sellari, Nathan Rowe, and Cody Palmer.

Download the Episode
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  1. Lennart says:

    Just listened to this episode… twice. It was just really well done and funny. It also served as a reminder of all the great previous episodes that I might now listen back to. Terrific episode. I know it took a lot of work but I think it’d be nice to hear an episode like this more often, or perhaps aspects (sketches, quizzes, etc.) of this episode pop up in future episodes.

    • samuel says:

      Glad you like it. I do want to start putting sketch and other things like it into the show when I can. It was a lot of work but so much fun to write and preform. Would love to have you spread the word of how cool this episode is on twitter and Facebook and through any other means you have. The more people that listen the better.

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