Combinations and Permutations Episode 43: Mr. Math Teacher

On this, the 43rd episode of Combinations and Permutations Brandon Metz, Cody Palmer, and Samuel Hansen got together to record about an hour of surprisingly sincere and honest audio on mathematical teaching. Unlike most episode there is not a long list of links to wikipedia articles or pop culture minutiae to post here so instead I will leave you with two videos that were mentioned in the episode and the list of terrible teacher types.

First the List:
Mr. Looks-Only-At-the-Board
Mr. Engages-With-Only-a-Single-Person
Mr. Changes-Variables-While-Slamming-Markers-Into-the-Board-and_Erasing-Half-of-the-Work-Because-it-is-Really-Really-Wrong-and-Hands-Out-a-Ream-Worth-of-Wikipedia-Articles-as-Reference
Mr. Egotistical-the-Content-Doesn’t-Really-Matter-I’m-Only-Going-to-Talk-About-Myself

And now the videos:

Download the Episode
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  1. Lennart says:

    It’s very late but I was looking through a document where I save quotes of all sorts, and found I had quoted Cody from this episode:
    “Assume you have good students and let them earn the title of idiot.”
    I like that, both for the humour and the truth it conveys. I could probably separate my better and worse teachers pretty well based solely on that criterion.
    Just thought I’d say thanks for such a good episode (over a month later).

    • samuel says:

      We will accept praise whenever it is given, even if you should be ashamed by how late it is. Glad you likes the episode, it is always great to hear that at least one of us said something good.

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