Combinations and Permutations Episode 40: John Henry was Here

It has been quite a while since we have recorded, or released, anything but here we are with a new epsidoe of Combinations and Permutations. Your host Samuel Hansen is joined by Rob Schultz from notART and Better Radio, as well as regulars Nathan Rowe and Christopher Bates to talk about the problem with Searle.

Here is a quick set of links to what they discussed:

Chinese Room
John Searle
Turing Test
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
John Henry

Download the Episode
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One comment

  1. Rob Schultz says:

    I’m sorry everyone. I was totally saying Cyril the whole show, not Searle.

    Also, anyone who wants to play with MagicVoice, feel free to stop by #dapcentral on She’s almost as eerily lifelike as Christopher!

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