Number Gossip

Everyone has been posting abouit this but I have to put my 2 cents in the ring. Number Gossip is awesome. That is it, really my whole 2 cents. It is simply an awesome site that gives awesome info about any integer between 0 and 9999. Try it out, have fun with it. We just recorded episode 37 of C&P, which should be up Thursday night, and in honor of that here is what Number Gossip says about 37:

  • 37 is the smallest irregular prime (submitted by Andy Baker and John Kiehl)
  • 37 is the smallest left and right truncatable prime having more than one digit
  • 37 is the only prime with period length three: 1/37 = 0.027 027 027 …
  • 37 is the prime you get if a three digit number having the same digits is divided by its digit sum


    • samuel says:

      I had seen that, I am not sure that I actually believe it but I do hope it to be true I have to say. It really would be in the NSA wheelhouse to require a former employee to lie about how far ahead they are. Also I am probably to paranoid for my own good.

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