Combinations and Permutations Episode 33: Chopping Down the Trees of Ignorance

Leigh Anne Duncan, Brandon Metz, Cody Palmer, and your host Samuel Hansen get together at the end of another semester to talk about exams: what they like about them, what types there are, but mostly what they hate about examinations.

We do not like these

Even the Young Ones understand Collaboration is Important

This Exam sucks more than any other

Probably the Best One

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  1. Dave says:

    Yes, exams are one of the most hated classroom activities. But personally, I like taking tests. I enjoy the process especially if test methods are varied. It makes my brain work and I observe how my professor or teacher constructs the exam. I am more into that. So even if I wasn’t able to study, I still show up on exam days for the fun of it! Haha.

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