Carnival of Math

Welcome to all that found us through Sum Idiot’s Carnival of Mathematics #60. If you have never been to this blog before I feel that I should give a bit of an introduction to what ACME Science is as a website. We are primarily the home to the two podcasts Combinations and Permutations and Strongly Connected Components. Combinations and Permutations is the original podcast hosted by me, Samuel Hansen, and is a light hearted, once in a while even funny, take on mathematics where we choose a topic, like the Calculus Cage Match or Combinations and Permutations themselves, and riff on the topic and any tangential conversations that it causes to arise. Strongly Connected Components is a much more serious show where I interview mathematicians such as Joshua Cooper or President of the AMS George Andrews. I also post on various things in science and mathematics that I find interesting. I am happy that you are here viewing the site and I hope you find something that interests you here. For updates about when the new episodes of the podcasts are up or new blog posts you can follow me @acmescience on twitter.

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