Combinations and Permutations Episode 31: S/T

Nathan Rowe, Anthony Sellari, Christopher Bates, and I, your intrepid host, Samuel Hansen get together for a new episode and here is what we talk about:

Now They Are All Dead


It Never Is This Easy


What’s the Orientation?


Neither Is Mine


Hey Look Its Us


It is Only Because There Are Not N+1 of Them


Even This Dice Is Extremal


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  1. samuel says:

    I must have forgotten completely what we talked about in this episode, as I have no memories of prank calls. I need to pay more attention to the show I host apparently.

  2. J. Bowman says:

    Showing a group of 42 elements is not simple follows directly from Sylow Theorems:
    a. There must be a subgroup of order 7.
    b. The number of subgroups of order 7 must be congruent to 1 (mod 7), and must divide 42. Thus, there must be exactly one subgroup of order 7.
    c. Because there is exactly one such subgroup, it must be normal. Therefore, the group is not simple.

    Showing a group of order 72 is not simple, on the other hand, is quite a bit harder. Showing a group of order 90 is not simple is a bear.

  3. samuel says:

    Well whoever said that needs to really polish up on their abstract obviously, I am rather sure it was not I as that seems much more mathematical than I am comfortable in being.

    Otherwise, how have you been? The job search going well?

  4. J. Bowman says:

    I forget who said it. It was a tangent.
    The job search has entered Year Two – Year One ended with an adjunct offer, which was a nice change from “sorry, it’s just not the right fit.” I’m a little hampered by geographical concerns, but I’m hopeful that the improved economy leads to more hiring – the campus down the street might have several openings.

    • samuel says:

      Well I hope the best for you on the job front, it is hard out there I hear(I have to have heard it because I am so woefully underpaid that my university is not about to let me go).

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