4 Billion Dolalrs for Math and Science, I say Yes Please

There is more information available for the Obama Administrations “Race to the Top” to help better fund math and science education. The real kicker to this information is a pledge of over 4 billion dollars for this boost to math and science education. The money alone will not be enough but if used correctly and applied in inspired ways it really could help the USA regain some of its lost standing as an innovator and creator of science. From a ComputerWorld article on the “Race to the Top”:

Obama is seeking to improve math and science education through a number of initiatives, the largest of which is a $4.35 billion for the “Race to the Top” fund announced this month.

The money, which comes from the $787 billion stimulus, is designed to create incentives for schools that develop science, technology, and engineering and mathematics programs, known collectively as STEM subjects.

Among the things the White House will do to encourage students is to hold an annual science fair that will bring together winners of science fair contest nationally. Obama said students who design the best experiment, hardware or software deserve the same recognition that athletes receive. (ComputerWorld via IntMath)

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