Episode 8: The Four Colors of Podcasting

We can all do it

Cartographers take note
The NY Times isn’t always right
Algorithm’s Professor
Always look in the trunk
Euler’s Bridges
Free Publication
Remix Reuse Recycle

In the same frame of mind as that of open access I wish to point out that I, Samuel, incorrectly stated that MIT was the University that was trying to push Open Access to scholarly articles more than Harvard and I got that backwards, but both are still bastions of hope to all of those in the open access movement and I wish everyone luck in opening up scholarly works for all to be able to see.


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  1. Combinations and Permutations Podcast says:

    That is a topic that I believe we will cover soon, probably the next time I get Nathan and Anthony in to record on the same day.

    Thanks for your suggestion and kind words


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