Episode 3: The Tasty Tori

Algebra through the eyes of our Students

Maybe not Quadratic but he Pythatgorean
Way Too Much Time
A New Branding
A Sitcom I would Watch

ABM: A New Common Era

Babylonian Babel
Two of Us have Riden This
One of Us was Here
Poor, Poor Galois
I wish this was the Day and Age when Men chanllenged Each Others to Duels-Zell Miller
Nathan’s Real Gender
Aliens Exist
Be Aware, Be Very Aware

Best Anthropology Eva
Topology of a doughnut, everything else is a doughnutt; that is right two t’s
Coming soon to Portland or Silicon Valley, or Redmond or Seattle

A Group of Picardian Origins
We all KNOW who is better
Just Listen

More Diners Please


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