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The Mathematics Genealogy Project, Mitch Keller Managing Director, has long been one of the favorite time wasters for mathematicians on the internet. Just type in the name of your teacher, advisor, or yourself, if you are a PhD, and you will be able to track back, through the advisor-student relationship, all the way until the records run out and probably find yourself admist such luminaries as Gauss, Bernoulli, and Leibniz. Well over at thatismathematics they have used the data from the Mathematics Genealogy Project to put together a brand new service: Mathematical Relationship Search. Just input the names of two mathematicians and voila, you could find out, like I did, that your advisor is the sixth cousin six times removed of Carl Frederich Gauss.


Simian PI

Tom and Nick over at Math for Primates, fantastic podcast that you should be listening to, have a much better explanation of Pi than Combinations and Permutations will ever be able to do:

In this podcast:

  • Tom and Nick are not as happy with Pi Day as you’d expect.
  • Why do Hippies like Pi so much?
  • Where does pi come from, and why do we care?
  • Is mounting a Ferris Wheel on a Flat-Bed Truck a good idea?
  • How many digits of pi can YOU recite?  I’ll bet not 69,000!
  • Nick and Tom give you back 23 hours and 40 minutes of your life … ish

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